Bentonite Drilling Fluids

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9

I.E.S. Drilling Supply (800) 388-2906,
Bore-Gel: Specifically blended system using high-yield Wyoming sodium bentonite. When mixed with fresh water, it develops an easy to pump slurry with desirable properties for HDD drilling, pipe jacking lubrication, etc. NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified.

Quik-Gel: Viscosifier and gellant. Easy to mix in fresh water, premium grade, exceptional high-yield Wyoming sodium bentonite. Provides excellent rheological properties. The original “Mud Engineer in the Sack” product. NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified.

INROCK/Drillers Supply (713) 690-5600,
I-GEL: A premium Wyoming Bentonite blended with special additives to produce a viscosifier that provides an excellent multi-purpose drilling fluid. I-GEL provides viscosity, gel strength, hole-cleaning, wall cake and lubricity while remaining pumpable. It is the ideal bentonite for HDD.

X-GEL: A specially blended combination of high yielding bentonite combined with numerous additives to make it an efficient multi-purpose system for HDD applications. X-GEL provides suspension, well-bore stability, filtration control, and helps reduce torque and drag for water based applications. The product is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

M-I SWACO (832) 295-2564,
Maxbore HDD: A one-sack system of premium Wyoming bentonite with additives for reduced fluid loss control and improved lubricating qualities. Designed for gravel and cobble formations where optimum stabilization and suspension are necessary.

Max Gel: A 220+ barrel yield bentonite with low sand content. The original HDD industry standard bentonite product. Its finer grind allows it to mix easier and yield quicker than most other bentonites. Max Gel is NSF approved.

DrillPlex HDD: A specialty product used to enhance Max Gel. When added to bentonite, slurry produces high fragile gels for superior suspension and carrying capacity of sand, gravel and rock cuttings from the borehole. DrillPlex HDD is easy to pump, improves hole stability and reduces chances of loss circulation.

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

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