Damage Prevention/Safety Program Expands At UCT

November 2010, Vol. 65 No. 11

An expanded Damage Prevention & Safety (DP&S) Conference again will be a part of the 2011 UCT (Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition) scheduled at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center Jan. 25-27.

Two days of educational sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 25, and Wednesday, Jan. 26, with a day-long Staking University locator certification seminar on Thursday, Jan. 27.

“Damage to underground utilities caused by excavation during construction remains a primary cause -- if not the leading cause -- of damage to buried facilities,” said Industry Consultant Walt Kelly, coordinator of the Tuesday and Wednesday program. “Accidental damage to utilities can cause disruptions in services, property damage, personal injuries and death plus pose a danger both to construction workers and the general public. DP&S topics address causes of these accidents and ways to prevent them.”

DP&S Program
Topics of sessions scheduled Jan. 25 are:

• You’re on the Jury: A mock trial in which attorneys representing plaintiff and defendant present their cases before the “jury” of attendees. The case is based on an actual utility accident;
• Crossbore Update: Learn the latest about issues affecting the serious issue of crossbores through sewer laterals, including details of a recent Minnesota regulatory action to reduce the risk of crossbores which is expected to be a guide other states may follow;
• When Contractors Should Make Their Own Locates: A discussion of situations in which contractors should make locates themselves to verify or supplement one-call;
• Advances in Shielding and Shoring: Learn about advances in shielding and shoring and situations in which different types of trench safety systems are best suited for site conditions; and
• Regulator Update: Get the details about new state safety regulations recently enacted, regulations pending approval, and others under consideration.

Topics for Jan. 26 are:

• How Potholing Can Reduce Accident Risks: Panelists discuss benefits of potholing and how visual location of buried utilities can help avoid utility hits;
• Analysis of Locating Technologies: An overview of the various locating technologies and the strong points and limitations of each; and
• Locator Certification and Why It Matters: Why certification of locators is important and a preview of Thursday’s certification seminar.

Locator Certification Seminar (subhed)

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