Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: Equipment Spotlight

March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3
Hunting Trenchless drill pipe.

Downhole directional drilling tools from Hunting Trenchless,
American Augers, Radius HDD Tools, Melfred Borzall,
Horizontal Technology, INROCK, Ballantine, Vermeer, Railhead Underground Products, Sharewell HDD Services, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, Straightline, Condux Intl. and Ditch Witch.

Hunting Trenchless
Hunting provides drill pipe specifically designed and precision manufactured to match the operational specs of each OEM make and model—and to optimize their production on the jobsite. Hunting’s comprehensive and easy-to-use Roadmaps make conversion to their proven upset-forged design easy, and their full line includes saver subs, drive chucks, starter rods, and quick connects all designed to fit OEM specs. 855.367.9296,

American Augers

American Augers_drill tool_equip spot1.jpg
The Clay Whip Reamer is designed to prevent clay balling. The reamer spins relative to the clay cuttings. The clay cuttings are blended into the fluid and are therefore carried out of the hole in the resulting slurry. Features include high velocity fluid jets; minimal surface area using two wings reduces area clay can adhere to. Also, knives on the forward end of the shaft rotate with the shaft to continuously slice virgin clay into cutting that are exposed to the jetted fluid. 419.869.7107,

Radius HDD Tools
RADIUS_drill tool_equip spot1.jpg
The Radius Rock Bit Series delivers greater steering and control in any type of soil conditions while letting you navigate loose rock and solid rock conditions, too. Combined with Radius HDD Tools’ patented Hot Shot pull-back adaptor, you won’t have to waste time removing your bit to pull back. 800.892.9114,