First Look: Hammerhead HydraLiner Lateral Lining system

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has introduced a new cured-in-place pipe sewer lateral lining system for installing CIPP liners.

The HydraLiner Lateral Lining system, featuring the first composite inversion drums to be offered in North America, was introduced in late February. HydraLiner equipment and CIPP lining is available now directly from HammerHead.

Composite drums set HydraLiner apart from other lining products, said Ryan Boldan, HammerHead product manager.

“Composites enabled us to both reduce drum weight and increase internal drum capacity to carry as much as 35 percent more liner,” Boldan said. “HammerHead composite drums withstand the higher temperatures needed for steam curing or for any job. In addition, they are corrosion free, easily maintained and seamless, which eliminates common drum failure points.”

In addition to the two composite drums, HammerHead also unveiled its complete line of CIPP lining equipment and consumables, including three models with steel drums, hot water boiler, steam generator, wet-out tables, liners, epoxies and assorted accessories.


The five inversion drum models have varying liner capacities and accommodate pipes of different diameters. For example, the Mini-Hydra composite drum unit is compact and portable enough to take into basements and set up in other confined spaces, yet it can invert as much as 80-feet of liner. The steel Super-Hydra drum can carry as much as 180-feet of liner.

HydraLiner equipment uses HammerHead-branded liners for ambient, hot water or steam curing.

Two styles of liner are available: HHFlex liner and HHPVC liner.

“The HHFlex Liner is available in sizes from one to 8 inches,” Boldan said. “It is extremely flexible to handle 45-degree turns, sweeping 90-degree turns, and can bridge two dimensional steps. When lining straight pipes, a second product offering is available; the HHPVC liner is an economical choice for pipes from four to 12 inches.”

Pipe lining with the HydraLiner system and liner is a simple, straightforward process, Boldan continued.

The lateral pipe must be clean and free from debris, encrustation and standing water. The lateral is televised/recorded and the rehabilitation length determined.

The liner is measured, cut to length, and a vacuum pump is attached to one end. A two-part epoxy resin and hardener is measured, mixed and poured into the liner. The liner is passed through a wet-out table while still attached to the vacuum pump to ensure thorough impregnation of the resin.

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