March Newsline: Gas Line Fire Destroys Home, Dark Fiber in D.C., New Water Infrastructure Funds and More

March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3

Carriers, wireless operators, service providers and network operators throughout the region will be able to interconnect to 24/7’s network from its main facility located in the carrier hotel at 111 Marketplace in Baltimore, MD. The 24/7 facility is a 5,000 square foot Central Office grade location providing fully-dedicated co-location, managed services and 24/7 support, while offering cross-connections to major Tier 1 and Tier 2 network providers connected to the building.

Funds awarded to improve water/wastewater infrastructure
The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) will receive $10 million in U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funds to evaluate new technologies that will help utilities cope with aging and failing water and wastewater systems. Under the cooperative agreement, WERF will administer $6.25 million to address wastewater and stormwater infrastructure research and administer $3.75 million to address aging drinking water systems. These funds will be further leveraged by a 33.3 percent cost share to be provided by the investigators.

Funding for the research is through EPA's Aging Water Infrastructure Research Program, a research agenda that supports efforts to put the nation's aging infrastructure on a pathway toward sustainability.

Research efforts will focus on four key areas:

  • condition assessment for water and wastewater conveyance systems;
  • system rehabilitation for water and wastewater conveyance systems;
  • advanced design and engineering concepts; and
  • innovative treatment technologies for wastewater, stormwater, water reuse and drinking water

The research program stems from the EPA’s Sustainable Water Infrastructure Initiative to promote better use of resources, increase the sustainability of our water infrastructure, and reduce the gap between the projected need for infrastructure funds and the actual funding.

EPA projects a funding gap of $220 billion funding over the next 20 years if utilities and municipalities don't increase their investments in water and wastewater infrastructure. By better pricing and managing water use, as well as by implementing new technologies, that gap may be lessened.

EPA grant for CSS project in Spencer, IA
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $146,000 to Spencer, IA, for ongoing planning and design for a multi-phased combined sewer separation (CSS) project.

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